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Hello and Welcome to the World of David Scarpitta

I figured I’d open up my site with the usual “Hello World” greeting, because really, this first post is about me saying hello (and it’s always the default post with WordPress, so I figured I’d let that little post shine for

David Scarpitta
Hello from David Scarpitta

So if you missed the title, then a hearty hello to you!

I’m glad you stopped by (or maybe Googled/Searched me), and made it a point to see what’s really going on here.


So what’s really going on here?


Well, a little of everything, but it’s all David Scarpitta all the time.


Since I am so torn amongst so many of the everyday social networks, I’d figure this would be my command center of sorts.


Where I will be offering professional advice, tales of experience, and the overall state of affairs on both my business expertise and personal expertise on a variety of topics.


Please feel free to subscribe to my feed, and follow me on twitter, or harass me on Youtube or just send me an email here so that I can assist you with whatever it is that you may be experiencing.


After all, life is about fascination and creativity, experiences, and relationships. The internet has aided in meshing all of these concepts into a 24 hour no-strings-attached “cup with a string”, that can be yanked on at will to let me know you are there. No matter the scenario ,whether it be big or small, I look forward to doing my part in this lifetime and hopefully extend what I have learned so others can make sense of this little crazy world.

Thanks and talk to you soon

– David Scarpitta

David has been business building both online and off since the age of 18. He currently finds himself consulting about online marketing and branding for businesses of all sizes. A fan of everything nerd, he’s an advocate for healthy eating and living and enjoys mentoring people looking to grow their business as well as themselves.

David Scarpitta is a Los Angeles based online marketing guru and business developer for both online businesses and offline brick and mortar, B2B and B2C products and services.

A founding member of Get Found Marketing, you can contact him directly at any time for whatever is on your mind.

  • Innocent Passerby

    Wow, this really is a Hello World Page!