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Is There Something Wrong With Me Since I Stay Up Late?

It’s almost like you are real life super-hero!


night owl people
Night Owls Are People Too!


So, as I write this, it happens to be almost 3:oo AM PST.


That leaves the question, …What is Wrong with Me?!

The answer is nothing. And it took me a long time to understand this.


For a very long time (and you’ve probably heard it as well) that “early to bed, early to rise” was always the best way to go. But what happens when there are so many people doing the same thing, that you almost just feel like a cog in the machine?


As a proud Night Owl, I think different. I see different, and I feel different. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the daytime. It’s beautiful, warm and inviting, but something about the night inspires me. My ideas run wild, the world looks different and my mind wanders in places that were being overlooked because of the “busy” that was around me in the daytime.


count chocula
Count Chocula Can Easily Put Himself to Sleep Counting Marshmallows


For as long as I could imagine, I’ve always had a problem with “trying to get to bed”. As counting sheep is best reserved for Count Chocula and his limited amount of marshmallows.

My mind needs to be exhausted to peacefully sleep. It needs to feel fulfilled, empty and ready for a reset. And I am genuinely tired of “daywalkers” (lol, can I say that?) looking upon night owls as some type of haphazard inferior race. Because, the reality that we are not!


My sleeping schedule is erratic, but my mind is open. I am not “depressed” or “unhealthy”. I eat well, exercise and sleep 8 to 9 hours to feel rested (once again, supposedly an hour too much according to certain studies), but then again I feel like my brain is in overdrive so my extra sleep is just compensating.


It’s time to accept the Night Owl. As we are people too! We are hard working! We are brilliant! And we love the night! We see it as another daytime, but through another set of eyes.


So fellow night owls, this post is for you! There is nothing wrong with you! There are many like you, but you just haven’t seen them yet. After all, they are hiding in the night, just like you!



David has been business building both online and off since the age of 18. He currently finds himself consulting about online marketing and branding for businesses of all sizes. A fan of everything nerd, he’s an advocate for healthy eating and living and enjoys mentoring people looking to grow their business as well as themselves.

David Scarpitta is a Los Angeles based online marketing guru and business developer for both online businesses and offline brick and mortar, B2B and B2C products and services.

A founding member of Get Found Marketing, you can contact him directly at any time for whatever is on your mind.

  • It’s funny actually, seems to be more studies on night owls and people that don’t sleep early. Just found that people that have insomnia have more “brain elasticity”…makes me think I am some type of Plasticman.

  • I definitely hear what you are saying. I always seem to get that second wind of energy at exactly the “wrong” time, especially as some one new to websites and such. There’s not enough time in the day to learn all this crap. lol

  • I hear ya. Great ideas don’t have a “time of day”. And the net is full of them.

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