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Google Calling Businesses. Is it Really Them?

Google Calling Businesses. Is it Really Them?

Well Well,


If this isn’t somewhat of a non-shocker! Funny that I wrote an article about this particular topic on which I talked about whether or not Google was really calling your business not so long ago. In which I basically went on to talk about the underhanded tactics of less than acceptable search marketing companies preying on the idea “that Google is Calling Them”, however that statement now needs to be corrected.



Now as I continue to discuss this topic, I want to make it very clear about my intentions here. That this post is intended to inform both my existing clients and other potential business owners that are looking to leverage more results for their business through online channels. So I will try to be as “middle grounded” about this new piece of information on “Why Google is Calling Your Business Now”. Is Google calling businesses? Can it really be them?


So previously, the only time Google would call you (or your business) was one of several ways.


1 – You were a local verified business or storefront. (And they wanted to check the validity of such business at that address)


2 – You had an existing Adwords account manager or your were a self serve Adwords Express advertiser, and you had an issue or problem with your account and wanted to speak to someone or wanted a call back.


Other than that, Google would not call you! And anyone saying “They were from or with Google” was straight up using them as a crutch to get your search marketing business in an instant. As you can see here with again the previous episode with Local Lighthouse, and so many other self-proclaimed “Local SEO Experts” and companies that offers really churn and burn services for a price so low, that you “can’t say no” to such a great deal for potential increased search engine exposure and results. (Though the reality of what real SEO really costs is a whole different story).



Nonetheless, I would usually tell my clients, to “ignore anyone saying they are from Google”, however this time I was exceptionally wrong.


Here’s Why!:


It seems that Google as officially put together “PPC Marketing and Optimizing Teams” and “Digital Strategist” marketing teams to actually solicit business from potential mid-size/larger business that aren’t on Adwords!

That’s right! Google is double dipping in the pot.


Now, again I will try to stay neutral in my attitude about this. However I do feel somewhat personally (and professionally) annoyed.


Mainly, because Google makes you jump through quite a bit of hoops to get Agency and Certification status for Adwords. The whole idea is that we are off peddling the service as a solution to increase conversion, brand awareness, and overall business potential for client and most of all, generate revenue for Google (since Google does hand out some niceties for doing increased client spend and account growth) . However as a Digital Marketing Strategist, I do some very in-depth due diligence on my client’s current both online profile and their business financial status to see if it’s an even viable solution at the time.


With that being said, we do a DAMN GOOD JOB FOR GOOGLE!


So again, Why is Google Calling and Pitching my Clients for Agency Marketing Services?


And to back up the statement, lets’ look at this email:


This should make Agency partners somewhat disturbed.



So “Google Has Their Own Digital Strategists”??


I don’t think that’s a strategy!


You know why? Because this guy is selling an Advertising and Campaign mix based on the fact he “knows his industry”. But the cold hard fact, is that he doesn’t. He doesn’t know it at all!




He doesn’t know what a conversion leak is, or the fact that my client needs a site re-design before any advertising should be done, because his ad spend would go up in smoke faster than Cheech and Chong in the back seat of a 78 Caddy!



Don’t Let Anyone Including Google Talk You Into Ad Spend Until You’ve Had a Real Online Digital Strategist Evaluate Your Site





So let’s continue with another email, shall we?


Why is Google Cannibalizing Their Hard Working Partners?



So, as you can see, they seem to be doing the “hard sell”.  Still without even “testing their site” to see if they would benefit from such a campaign.


Now in this 3rd Email, I get exceptionally angry because this Google “Strategist” using a Scare Tactic to imply that he “won’t be included anymore in potential partnerships” (which is Bull$hit)



Google Using High Pressure Sales Tactics



This is something I would come to expect from Local Lighthouse. Not an in-house Google rep! Something I don’t condone. Especially again with NOT REVIEWING THE SITE!


There you have it my fellow online marketers. Google is at your house demanding a meal from your table!



Now after I replied directly to the rep, I actually received a phone call.


The phone call (which I was thinking of recording) was actually a totally different tone as compared to these emails.


Phrases used was “We’re essentially doing the same thing”. And “We’re on the same team”.


Then when I asked “Was there anything special from him Going Though You and Google Directly”? And Was Told:


No, essentially is the same exact thing. I can’t do anything different or special“.


So my question is: Why the Scare Tactic? Why The “assumption of market domination”?


Why is Google (in which we preserve and abide by) wasting my time with this high pressure monkey?!


And then when I continued to probe about “When did you guys start calling businesses directly to solicit Adwords clients”. This is what I was told:


“We’re a small group right now. It’s kind of like a test. It’s very new”.




That’s really all I can say.


So be warned my friends, fellow marketers and business owners.




And it would be wise to talk directly to a real digital strategist that can evaluate both the website development needs and your position in your business so Google doesn’t use your hard earned money to payout shareholder dividends!



David has been business building both online and off since the age of 18. He currently finds himself consulting about online marketing and branding for businesses of all sizes. A fan of everything nerd, he’s an advocate for healthy eating and living and enjoys mentoring people looking to grow their business as well as themselves.

David Scarpitta is a Los Angeles based online marketing guru and business developer for both online businesses and offline brick and mortar, B2B and B2C products and services.

A founding member of Get Found Marketing, you can contact him directly at any time for whatever is on your mind.

  • Wow David. Just WOW!

    Now there have in the past been subcontractors, or 3rd party agencies that have worked for Google – for instance the group out of Ann Arbor that said things that were not really kosher – like giving ranking tips and advice, which Google officially never does. But even though they were a subcontracted agency, they worked directly for Google and had Google email addresses.

    Those emails don’t read at all like any Google emails I’ve ever seen. Google emails are usually pretty proper and canned. They would not typically say things like “you guys”.

    So I’m pretty sure this is a 3rd party agency working under the Google umbrella. Still not good. But probably not Google and Google may not appreciate these tactics.

    • Hey Linda, as it turns out I called the phone number and on the “off day” is basically a Google Voice number. Whatever the case, if they are a subcontractor or not that Google is using, they are basically in the cookie jar. And even worse, they are using the real power of Google to leverage business. Especially since the trade dress of the email is all Google and even the email has the Google extension. Since I received this late in the week, I was not able to actually get my agency account manager on the phone to inquire about this. Because you can bet your bottom PPC dollar, that I intend to find out EXACTLY what they’re doing. It’s a bit of “the cauldron calling the kettle black” here especially after all the hub bub with local lighthouse. And the fact that I spoke with him directly and asked some very specific questions. It’s almost as if he got caught with his pants down. I certainly don’t think from a business perspective it’s “agency/consultant friendly” to go ahead and have this type of outreach. It can confuse and cannabalize efforts on all angles. Especially when the potential or existing client/business thinks by working with someone with a “Google email address” is going to do a better or more effective job for them. It’s just straight up underhanded.

      • I checked the Google Partner community, thinking you might have posted there to see if maybe a Googler replied.

        Please keep me posted. I’ve considered escalating this to the Google management team I work with, which is not on the Partner side of the house, but I’ll wait to find out what you hear back.

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