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SEO Expert – David Scarpitta

So you want to know about Dave?


Well, I can give you the short version, because I don’t think I even have enough webspace to give you everything.


Hi there, I’m Dave Scarpitta (I prefer to be called Dave :), and I am  a salesman and marketer at heart.


David Scarpitta



As far as I could remember, I have been interacting, and communicating with potential customers and clients since the age of 9 ( I know it sounds crazy), but it’s true!  My early days when I was in elementary school and I needed to fund-raise money for my class, I sold home goods from a catalog company called Tom Wat and it was out of a cardboard suitcase! And though I was scared, it really opened me up to understanding people regarding their needs and wants at an early age.


Literally I have been in some sort of sales for my entire life.


So fast-forward 20+ years and jump through the technology rabbit hole, and here is where you will find me.


Now I know you may be looking for an “SEO expert” but before you get any ideas, I want to let you know that I am in tune with so much more than that.


From working with businesses both big and small for online marketing, or helping develop concepts that can help the digital space I am submersed in marketing and business development. I mean you can give it over a hundred different names, but really it’s me helping you get the word out and stain the minds of the masses with your message and intent.


See the thing about “Seo Experts” is that they may be good at SEO, however this is just one piece of the online marketing and optimization puzzle.  The online business space has evolved so much over the past 10 years that the concept of “just getting traffic to your site” is worthless if you aren’t getting the right search engine traffic, and most of all…making sales.


Therefore, I consider myself a Digital Business Building Strategist, in which SEO is just one small component of building a powerhouse brand or service, and leveraging the intensity of the online space. So even if your a local company looking for more repeat business, direct communication or a fortune 500 company looking to optimize your SEO and enhance your conversion rate, I can come together with you and your team for a full plan of action.  Not just “some SEO”.


So here’s a little information behind this SEO expert:


A native New Yorker at heart that has transplanted to sunny California, but still with the spirit of the concrete jungle inside of him.


If you want to know a little more of my current project status, you can checkout David Scarpitta on LinkedIn


I am on the breaking edge on all that is tech on a daily basis, and intrigued about how fast it all continues to evolve.



Just a few of my past-times are the following


– Growing Organic Fruits & Veggies


– Eating Healthy and Spreading the Good Word of a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle


– Enjoying All forms of Electronic Music


– Mountain Biking


– Building My B Rate Internet Celebrity Status


– Playing Video Games (Mainly Classic Games & Fighters)


– Traveling And Experiencing Different Cultures


– Working With Startups & Giving Life to New Ones


– Working on My Expert SEO and Web Engagement Techniques Using New Technologies


– ( And Insert Perhaps a 100 More Things too Long To List)


What else is there to know about David Scarpitta? Well, I work intensely as a online and digital marketer for businesses from all corners of the earth. I’m located in most of the time in sunny southern California (Los Angeles to be exact and yes, I still have my New York accent).  I work a ton on helping businesses grow online and help people realize their potential.



SEO Expert – David Scarpitta


I also give expert training to those that want to learn the art and science of online marketing, and do speaking engagements on entrepreneurship, technology, fitness and well being. And of course, this includes all aspects of SEO.


Well, I don’t want to bore you, and if I gave you too much info on this one page, then you probably wouldn’t read my website now, would you?


As mentioned, in my early posts here, that this will be both a great resource for many to enhance their knowledge of online marketing , as well as come up on a few laughs and quips in between.  Here you will learn both the basics of SEO and online business building and even more advanced expert techniques and tools for those internet savvy types.  As in all honesty the search marketing space is consistently evolving, but one thing stays constant, and that is a good marketing and business plan for you will reap success in your goals of  standing out from the masses.


As always, thanks for reading and feel free to drop me line any way possible, because I think sometimes the strongest form of “social interaction” is the old school phone call or meetup that dissolves all the barriers that the internet has put in front of us.


Until we meet again, keep your motivation higher, and your SEO expertise even higher!


Talk soon, and Have a Nice Dave!











  • Jill

    Hi Dave! Finally entering contacts and had a chance to stop by your site. Nice story! Glad to have you in the BPN Group. Wishing you much success & may you always have a nice Dave! 🙂

  • Dave

    Hey, thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to helping your organization out as well, I’ve been thinking of some really great ideas. See you soon!

  • need to know

    teach me to make coustom facebook , use pinecres. linkedin and all the rest