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What To Do When Your Domain Email is Blocked?

It can happen to anyone.


Literally nowadays it seems that I get more real-life spam mail through my mail slot, than I do email spam. However I noticed, that sometimes even in my bulk mail whether it be tangible or digital, sometimes the good stuff gets mistaken as malicious or garbage.


real spam email
More Real Spam Mail Than My Dog Can Chew!



As someone who does quite a bit of email marketing and just everyday correspondence to thousands of users, it just takes a few old “spam clicks” or garbage flags from a shared household email account (because we all know little Joey signed up for the latest Video Game Newsletter) to flag your legitimate essential communication from your domain to now be directly thrown into bulk or spam.



And to make matters even worse, if too many people mark things as spam now, email from your domain maybe be totally blocked or even blacklisted (something real mail would never do).


So, I will go into detail about proper email marketing on another post, however I found it very frustrating that when one of my domains’ emails were being blocked from major email services and ISPs that I just could not find the proper contacts to get them “whitelisted”.


My hard work is your gain, because below are some very helpful links for “whitelisting emails” or getting your domain unblocked off the non-delivery list.


Current Full List Of ISP Email Whitelisting & Domain Unblocking Links


ISP Whitelist Links:


AOL Email Whitelisting:

Yahoo Email Whitelist:;_ylt=Ap5D0I1.Oz34960JXm1voQyiNCV4?

Gmail Bulk Whitelisting Info:

MSN Outlook

Comcast Whitelist Request Form: and All Their Domains Including:

If you’ve been blocked you can also fill out:

Cloudmark IP Reputation and Remediation Tool

Also Feedback Loop for (To help keep you whitelisted!)


Hopefully the above tools will help you in a time of need, when you need this information at your fingertips.


If you found this information helpful, please take a moment to bookmark me, and even signup for a seriously good daily online marketing tips guide.


Also, stay tuned for more on “Whether it’s Worth it to Subscribe to a Email Whitelisting Service”, like Return Path.

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David Scarpitta is a Los Angeles based online marketing guru and business developer for both online businesses and offline brick and mortar, B2B and B2C products and services.

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