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Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

Ahh yes, Video Marketing, how I love thee!


Nothing fuels my passion for video marketing more than the concept itself.


video marketing tips
Video Marketing Tips & Strategies


I mean look at what the internet dragged in! A surefire way to engage your potential or existing user base. I myself have a daily video marketing persona that I have cultivated over the years to a size-able amount that not only helps move my products/services, but is literally the #1 traffic-to-conversion method.


That’s right, out of all my efforts, my video marketing, has generated unprecedented results, and even years later still produces results on content that I have done in SD from over  3+ years ago (Though I do no suggest shooting content in SD anymore)!


So without any more hesitation, here is a list of strategies and tips for video marketing:

1 – Script a Concept for Your Overall Video Marketing Intent (Which way are you going to go with it? How will you convey your message? What is your proposed call to action?)


2 – Get an Appropriate “Stage” or Studio For Your Videos (I literally started out with a 3 foot area covered by some posters. Because viewers really do focus on your surroundings. You want your background to compliment your message.)


3 – Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. ( I cannot stress this enough, that GOOD LIGHTING is important for video production. Even with a mediocre camera, a bad edit job, and lackluster talent, bad lighting will always make the video less vibrant, not properly put spot on the product, and make your editing of the clip that much more difficult).


4 – A Decent Mic  ( Sound is just as important if not more than the video. I have fallen prey to this myself. Where I though my Mic was good level wise, but it was not recording the correct channel, and when exported and converted, the sound was tinny and washed. So that’s when I made the move to Buy A Good Mic and if you shop around enough, you can find a decent Mic between the $50-80 range, so stay away from that built-in,  Radio Shack or “bargain stuff”. You’ll be glad you did!)


5 – Do Not Make The Video Longer than 3 Minutes.  ( I know you want to give the world everything in your videos, but the attention span of most video viewers is the 1:30 tops..and that’s if your video is somewhat engaging. If you do longer video(s), they should be geared more towards “hardcore subscribed fans” or more or the “tutorial video” nature, as this is the only time a video is acceptable to be over than max 2min mark.


6 – Proper Titling of Video. ( It’s hard as it is to build a video following nowadays, so improper titling will just hinder your video marketing success.)


7 – Proper Tagging of the Video ( Just as important as the titling. Don’t keyword stuff, and don’t go too overboard on a variety of topics not related.  Make it a point to make it short and sweet just like everything else.)


8 – Distribution of Video (You’re probably thinking that Youtube is the only place, I’m referring to when I say “proper video marketing distribution”, however this is definitely the wrong idea to have.)


9 – Spreading Your Video to Other Social Mediums ( Don’t be afraid to promote your video to friends, family and co-workers. Ask them to view and share your video. After all isn’t it important to let them know what you’re doing as well? The more views your video has, the better ranking in search!)


10- Proper Video Marketing Description – (Again, this helps your ranking feature of your video overall. Don’t ruin you hard work using a lackluster or overdone description. A moderate and informative description of your video message is best!)


video marketing tips
Video Marketing Takes Time but Builds Results


These are just a few video marketing strategies and tips for the startup video marketer. However there are a ton of other variables from talent used in video, to quality and production value of overall content, right down to the message handling of the video.


Video is a VERY POWERFUL medium, that if done properly can be a catalyst all on it’s own. Not everyone will have a “viral hit” out the door but some good stuff and creativity alongside a persistent intent will garner the results you are looking for.


Video Marketing is Free (most of it anyways to upload and broadcast) and is the the “TV of the new generation”, So if you aren’t doing video marketing, then you aren’t marketing at all.


David has been business building both online and off since the age of 18. He currently finds himself consulting about online marketing and branding for businesses of all sizes. A fan of everything nerd, he’s an advocate for healthy eating and living and enjoys mentoring people looking to grow their business as well as themselves.

David Scarpitta is a Los Angeles based online marketing guru and business developer for both online businesses and offline brick and mortar, B2B and B2C products and services.

A founding member of Get Found Marketing, you can contact him directly at any time for whatever is on your mind.

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