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Discount Search Marketing, Video Marketing & Google Campaign Management

The Tab Says “Hire Me”, but it really should say, “Take Me On as Your Business Partner”,


David Scarpitta
I love marketing, and everyone I work with becomes my search marketing partner!


The reason I say this is because “SEO guys”, basically are doing one task for you and don’t necessarily get to know your business the way I do.

I don’t promise impossible feats, or ludicrous wasteful “methods” to burn through your valuable marketing dollars. Whether you are on a shoe-string budget, or a set amount allocated for your campaign, I can work with you for the results you expect.


I find key ways to help establish, brand and retain your customer base, traffic and overall online image.

I am not just a “SEO” because there is so much more than that to promote your product or service.


I am your marketing partner, that looks to understand and analyze your business and its’ strategies to work with you for the long haul.


video marketer
Affordable Result Driven Video Marketing, from Creation to Submission.


From Discount Search Marketing, to Video Marketing, PR and even Site Structure and Analysis, I would be happy to give you a Free consultation and quote for the needed services to help you build a successful online presence.


Whether you don’t have a site,¬† a site with just a few pages, or perhaps need a larger enterprise solution, I can help you.